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    The raw diet is the most biologically appropriate food to feed your dog or cat. The many benefits of raw include: real meat and organ meat, natural vitamins and minerals, low glycemic, weight management, natural cleaner for teeth and breath, reduction in stool volume, eliminate allergies and itching, less shedding and lower vet bills.



    Dry kibble is the most common food fed to dogs and cats because of its availability, portability, convenience and cost. Choices include: Single protein options, Grain-Free, Low-Grain, Limited Ingredient and Freeze-dried Raw coated, to name a few.



    Canned foods come in second on the list for digestibility for dogs and cats. The many benefits of canned include: real meat (no meals or binders), aids in digestion, weight management, helps with allergies, single protein options, great palatability for finicky and senior pets, long shelf-life, easy portability and provides moisture to the diet unlike dry kibble.



    Pet treats have been in the news a lot over the past few years. You should know where your pet's food is from, who makes it, how it is made and what is put into it. WAGS stocks a wide variety of pet treats in a variety of forms. Cookies and biscuits, natural chews, raw and smoked bones, jerky, air dried meats from a variety of well-known makers.



    There are literally thousands of pet food supplements with special formulations and ingredients. It is important for people to eat a healthy diet and it is important for your pets too! WAGS stocks a variety of healthy supplements that can help a wide range of maladies. We stock products from companies like Earth Animal, Wholistic Pet Organics and Animal Apothecary.



    We carry a wide variety of supplies including natural tick prevention, harnesses, leashes, pet toys, food bowls, beds and more. If we don't have it, we can probably get it for you.



    Cat's are pets too! We carry a variety of all natural cat food including dry foods, canned foods, raw cat diets and freeze dried raw. Cat treats, dust free kitty litter, cat toys, supplements and more.


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    We offer free pet nutritional consultations and dog/puppy training. Our pets suffer from allergies too. We know how miserable we are when allergies strike - pet's can feel just as miserable and sluggish. Bring in your pet and let's talk! We love seeing them.


At Wholesome Animal Grocery Store (WAGS), we carry only the best raw, canned and dry foods available for your dogs and cats.  We also stock a wide range of wholesome treats, supplements and supplies including collars and leashes, beds, bowls and natural flea & tick repellents.  All kinds of products to keep your dog healthy and thriving.  We are your #1 source for pet products in the Farmington Valley!


In June of 2014, I brought Kona, my then 16-week old Pit Bull Boxer mix, to my vet to help determine why Kona's stool was always loose.  For the next five months, he had me try different premium dog foods, tested for parasites, gave me probiotics to add to Kona's food, ran a series of blood and gastrointestinal tests, and had me try two types of prescription dog food.  The only things left to try were a colonoscopy or a biopsy on his small intestine, kidney, and other organs - which would have been very invasive and very expensive.  Fortunately, the last prescription food I tried worked - no more loose stools.  However, it was expensive ($90 for a 25-pound bag) and the ingredients were not very appetizing (I think the main ingredient was potato starch).  It also had a very low protein content, about 17%.  On a whim, I stopped by Wholesome Animal Grocery Store with the hope of finding a high quality food that would have the same effect that the last prescription food had.  I told owner Ken Sherbacow and co-worker Sue about Kona's digestive problems and vet history, what food he had been eating when he was having loose stools, and his weight.  At that point, they asked only one question: "How much food are you feeding him?"  When I answered that it was between 5-6 cups a day, they told me that was way too much and that was most likely the reason for his loose stools.  They told me to start feeding Kona three cups per day, which I did.  Feeding him his high-quality, non-prescription food, Kona's stools became solid almost immediately.  It's been about six weeks, and his stools are still consistently solid.  So here's how I score this situation: six months of vet visits at a cost of about $1,000 vs. 10 minutes with Ken and Sue and $0!  Ken and Sue are not vets, but they do know nutrition.  We have already tested six samples of premium dog food that they sell, and Kona, through a blind taste test, has selected what will be his next food when we finish the last of his current food.  It's great that I met them, but I wish I had met them about six months sooner!

Post By - Monte, Simsbury, CT

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