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Pepper visits WAGS

Pepper is a six year old German Short Haired Pointer who came in today to get a bag of Fromm Salmon A La Veg.  He was very happy to pick out a USA Cow Tail and A Beef Jerky for the ride home.

Lovely Lula

Lula is a two year old Golden Retriever who enjoys Vital Essentials Raw.  She and her brother Gus, a Dachshund also eat Farmina N&D Pumpkin Boar dry.  It has been a while since Lula visited and we really enjoyed seeing her.  She gets the Vital Essentials Bulk boxes and grabbed an Icelandic Lamb Horn to gnaw on.

Penny likes Farmina

Penny is a one year old Lab mix puppy and she came in for another bag of Farmina N&D Pumpkin Chicken.   Penny is a very energetic youngster and is training with Susan Conly.  She picked up a Kurgo Seat Belt Tether for the car and a Himalayan Chew too.  We hope to see her again soon!

Oreo loves Open Farm

Oreo is a five year old Cocker Spaniel who just transitioned to Open Farm Grain Free Wild Caught Salmon.  Oreo loves the taste and picked it over several other samples during a taste test.  This energetic pup also likes Steve’s Raw Goat Milk added to her food.

Lucky Dixie!

Dixie is a 1 year old Basenji mix adopted this week by a wonderful family in Simsbury.   Dixie is starting out with Vital Essentials Raw Chicken diet and Blue Ridge Beef brand Chicken & Bone chubs.  Dixie is so well behaved and happy to have found a new home.  She also ordered a new name plate tag for identification if she has any trouble finding her way back to her new home.  If anyone is looking for ID tags, please stop in and get yours today.

Tobey’s Story

Tobey is a eleven year old Yorkie who came to us a year and a half ago with a bit of a weight issue.  At that time, WAGS recommended Vital Essentials Raw Diets and the change in Tobey has been remarkable.  Tobey is more energetic and has lost four pounds!  No more back problems or dental issues either.  Stop in to WAGS and let us show you the benefits of feeding your pet right.

Bowie’s First Visit

Bowie is an adorable twelve-week old chocolate lab. He had a great first visit! He’s trying a bag of Health Extensions Original and some Bixbi Pocket Trainers for a snack. He also got his first manicure with Susan Conly. Bowie has a ton of energy, so he picked out a few new toys to play with as well. He’s sure starting off on a good paw!

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Sadie is three months old

Sadie is a three month old Golden Retriever puppy who came in for a harness fitting and some treats.  She is such a good little pup.  Sadie and her family are in home training with Susan Conly.  Today she got a treat ball filled with goodies to keep her busy and some Bravo Dry Roasted Duck Feet.  Sadie also loves Fromm Gold Puppy food.

Marco loves his Farmina N&D

Marco is a yellow lab who just celebrated his first birthday.  He popped in for a bag of Farmina N&D Pumpkin Chicken.  He loves the taste.  He also went home with his first raw marrow bone to gnaw on.  Isn’t he handsome?


On 8/1/16, we drove 1 1/4 hrs from Western Ma to make some purchases & hope to see Susan, Kenny`s assistant & dog trainer. Susan spent well over an hour giving us pointers on how to manage our 5 month old PWD, Brewster. She was so helpful & between her & Kenny ( Wags owner ) we had some good laughs & very pleasant experience. We will be heading back from time to time for supplies & would highly recommend this store for your pet needs. And for Susan, we would highly recommend employing her for any training issues you have. She was wonderful. Thank you again, Susan!

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